Monday, March 1, 2010

Calligraphy - Arts, Words & Centuries /

Calligraphy - The royal among the lettering expressions.
Real calligraphy is always signed by excellence and style. Often it transfers a cultural echo of past centuries with its ornamental character.
This is why only few can be called masters when it comes to calligraphy.
It can be performed by a vast variety of tools and methods, which consequents in great diversity of styles, shapes, impressions.
The historical inheritance of this art is unreachable, which gives the artists the opportunity of endles quizes through the ages and ethnical cultures.
It is really exciting for one who was once touched by its impressive influence, and for those who are always delighted in perfection.
This short selection was made for you to taste a bit of the world of calligraphy.
Join the trip and have fun!


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